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Meet our group and find out how to join the lab!

Our values

We believe everyone is capable of excelling in science, and we're committed to making our lab a safe, welcoming, and supportive space. We're always looking for new colleagues who are curious, creative, & kind, and who will change our lab and department community for the better.

that science is
team effort

in challenging

that questions are as valuable as answers

that diversity, equity, & inclusion are essential

We believe ...

that plants are
awesome :)

that work-life balance
is important

in learning from
our mistakes

that biologists
are made
, not born

Join the lab

Projects in the lab explore the evolutionary ecology and evolutionary genetics of species interactions, primarily between plants and microbes. We use a variety of approaches — greenhouse experiments, fieldwork in wild populations, and genomics — to address questions related to this general theme.

Grad students & post-docs

To start a conversation about potential projects, please send Corlett a brief email with a description of your past research experience, your potential research interests and goals in the Wood Lab, and your CV. 


To learn more about Penn's graduate program in biology and how to apply, visit


Previous research experience is NOT REQUIRED!  Opportunities in the lab range from paid jobs (e.g., work study) to independent research projects under the mentorship of a senior lab member.  


If you're interested, please send Corlett a short email explaining why you want to work in the lab, along with your resume and an unofficial copy of your transcript. 

Current members

Current members


Corlett Wolfe Wood (PI)

Corlett is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Pennsylvania. She is an evolutionary biologist interested in the evolutionary ecology and evolutionary genetics of species interactions. 

corlett [at]

Corlett's CV

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Current members


Eunnuri Yi (Lab manager & research assistant)

Nuri is the Wood lab manager and research technician. As an undergraduate at Cornell, she worked on research in chemical ecology with goldenrod, root aphids, and the push-pull agricultural system. She is primarily interested in below-ground interactions, ecology and evolutionary genetics, and broader questions of philosophy and method in science.

eunnuri [at]

Current members


McCall Calvert (PhD student)

Mac completed his Master’s at the University of Colorado Denver where he investigated the genomic basis of rapid seasonal adaptation in apple maggot flies. In the Wood lab, he is interested in studying the influence of microbial symbiont diversity on host fitness and how those relationships feedback to structure communities and ecosystems.

calvm [at]

Current members


Addison Martin (PhD student)

Addison is a PhD student with diverse interests often found at the intersection of ecology, evolutionary biology, and genetics especially when plants, species-interactions, or systems/computational approaches are involved. Prior to joining the Wood Lab, Addison taught high school biology and received a Masters in Education and remains interested in science education, science communication, and philosophy and sociology of science.

admartin [at]

Current members


Yasmeen Haruna (Undergrad)

Yasmeen is a first-year student from East Orange, New Jersey. She is a Penn FERBS Fellow, and a candidate for the Health & Societies Major. She's very open-minded to many different research interests and is developing more interests along the way!

Current members


Maiha Hoque (Undergrad)

Maliha is from Philadelphia, PA. She is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences, majoring in Earth Science. Currently, her research interests are in the fields of paleobiology and evolutionary ecology. 

Current members


Nova Meng (Undergrad)

Nova is a sophomore from Akron, Ohio. She first joined the lab through the Penn Undergraduate Research Mentoring Program, and has been working with Nuri to test hypotheses about why the rhizobia mutualism makes plants more susceptible to infection.

Current members


Anisa Robinson (Undergrad)

Anisa is a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences currently pursuing a major in biology. As a Penn FERBS Fellow, her research interests are in ecology and evolutionary biology. Anisa is from Jersey City, New Jersey. 

Current members


Bethany Vázquez Smith (Undergrad)

Bethany is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is from St.Thomas, Virgin Islands, and she is majoring in Biology.

Current members


Linda Wu (Undergrad)

Linda is a sophomore from Annandale, Virginia. She first joined the lab through the Penn Undergraduate Research Mentoring Program in the summer of 2021, and has been working with Mac to study nematode local adaptation.

Lab alumni


Emile Gluck-Thaler

Samantha Catella

Lab managers / technicians

Lauren Kerwien

Steven Cassidy


University of Pennsylvania

Yoon Chang

Chigozie Ibe

Arsam Shaikh

Angela Schmitt

Aubrey Welch

University of Pittsburgh

Audrey Burr

Shaniya Markalanda

Luisa Cusick

Ana Melero Pardo

Connor McFadden

Kamron Woods

Pooja Jacob

Kristi Rozum


Lab alumni
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